The Fitness App
for Trainees and Personal Trainers

Imagine that you are able to build your perfect program, based on all your results.

Pick from 500+ exercises

Save all relevant details in case you’re a data junkie

Analyze your training

Receive tips for progression

Our mission:

Create the GREATEST fitness app for High Intensity Training

A fitness app should make everything that is related to exercising easier. That’s why a good fitness app should at least provide in:

  • create your own workouts as easy as possible
  • keep track of all your fitness results in detail
  • help you analyze your progress objectively

A good fitness app should have the features to make this possible. BUT, good is the enemy of great. We don’t even settle for great. Because, our mission is: built the ultimate fitness app for High Intensity Training.

Most people who perform HIT are intelligent and critical people. They know that what gets measured, gets managed. That’s why most of them are a bit of datajunkies. They want to note how fast they are making a repetition, the usage of an advanged technique, what their exercise settings are, et cetera.

We focus on every little detail, because we believe that what gets measured, gets managed. At the same time, we designed our fitness app simple and easy to use. So you can adhere to the core principles of High Intensity Training method: effectiveness and efficiency.

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    With the fitness app, you can:

    • choose from more than 1,000 exercises
    • choose workouts from one of the many workout templates
    • copy previous workouts with one click
    • select one of the 14 advanced training techniques, such as negative only (NO) and timed static contraction (TSC)
    • shows the last weight performed for each specific exercise
    • use a metronome to control the speed of your movement
    • shows the last amount of repetitions or Time Under Load (TUL) for each specific exercise
    • advices to decrease, leave unchanged or increase the weight based on your ideal repetition/TUL range per exercise
    • shows saved exercise settings on machines and other equipments
    • keep track of body measurements
    • a countdown option before the start of each exercise to timely get in position correctly
    • display your results of each exercise in a graph

    But there’s more. Our app helps users analyze their results and offers advice on how to optimize workouts. It does so, by using all (anonymously) shared results to find correlations. You can think of things like:

    • advice on exercise order
    • advice on adding or losing exercise(s)
    • advice on usage of advanced techniques
    • advice on the amount of isolation versus compound exercises
    • advice on exercise per muscle group
    • pointing out the relative loading of muscles in your exercise program

    Note that our fitness app is specifically designed for High Intensity Training (HIT).

    Find Joeri HIT in Google Play Store or Apple App Store and give it a try.

    Are you a trainer or professional? Try ‘Joeri Pro’ to keep track of all your (online) clients’ results.