The High Intensity Training App

for Trainees and Personal Trainers

Imagine that you are able to build your perfect program, based on all your results.

Pick from 500+ exercises

Save all relevant details in case you’re a data junkie

Analyze your training

Receive tips for progression

Our mission:

Create the GREATEST app for High Intensity Training

If you want to increase your fitness gains, you can use all sorts of machines, free weights, your bodyweight and whatnot. You can use a program or just start exercising and gradually increase the load. You’ll probably find some tips online and may just have a ‘muscular’ friend who can give you some advice. In a couple of weeks, yes, you might just see some results. But the most you can achieve? Most probably far from it.

If you really want to maximize your results, you’ll have to design workouts based on your goals, current functional abilities and recovery system. And once you’re in the process of working out regularly, you’ll have to adjust your workouts and training frequency accordingly, with the same factors in mind.

Of course, in order to put together your perfect workout, you need to keep accurate record of your workouts, your goal specific measurements (e.g. body weight and composition) and results of changes in your workouts. An accurate record enables you to objectively evaluate your own progress.

One way is to use pen and paper or a program like Excel. But we’ve got a better alternative: our High Intensity Training app: ‘Joeri HIT’.

Joeri HIT is the ultimate High Intensity Training app for both individuals and personal trainers. The app is specifically designed for High Intensity Training (HIT): the most effective and time efficient training method.

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    With Joeri HIT you can create your workout programs yourself or choose one of our suggested workouts. You can save your workouts with all their relevant details and retrieve them anytime you please. But that’s not all.

    With the app, you can:

    • choose from more than 1,000 exercises
    • select one of the 14 advanced training techniques, such as negative only (NO) and timed static contraction (TSC)
    • use a metronome to controle the speed of your movement
    • receive tips for a more optimal workout
    • copy previous workouts with one click
    • look into all the results of your executed workouts, regarding weight, reps and time under load
    • get advice on decreasing, using the same, or increasing the weight of a particular exercise
    • see your results displayed in a graph
    • note your exercise settings, such as height of seat or position of a chest pad
    • note the cadence for concentric phase, squeeze, technique and eccentric phase
    • use the countdown option (so you got time to get yourself positioned correctly)
    • keep track of body measurements

    You can find Joeri HIT, the High Intensity Training app for trainees and trainers, in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
    Go find out if you can maximize your results. See if we realize our mission: to create the ultimate app for High Intensity Training.

    We got two High Intensity Training apps:
    1. Pro app i.e. Joeri pro (for trainers and other professionals who use HIT)
    2. Personal app i.e. Joeri HIT (for individuals who want to keep track and analyze their own results from HIT workouts).