Personal App

for Trainees and Personal Trainers

Imagine that you are able to build your perfect program, based on all your results.

Pick from 500+ exercises

Save all relevant details in case you’re a data junkie

Analyze your training

Receive tips for progression

Our mission:

Create the GREATEST app for High Intensity Training

Imagine a personal app that endlessly keeps track of your fitness results and helps you build your perfect workout program, based on those results.

We built such an personal app. Our High Intensity Training app helps you maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

With it you can:

  • Pick from 1,000+ exercises
  • Save all relevant details (in case you’re a data junkie)
  • Analyze your workouts
  • Receive tips for faster gains

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    Not feeling like studying manuals or spending too much time on using the personal app? We got you. We believe a fitness app should be simple and intuitive to use.

    Want to write down relevant details of your workout and keep track thoroughly? Of course you can.

    We want you to personalize your fitness app: make it yours. This means, you can enable or disable features as you please.

    ‘Joeri HIT’ is a personal app that has been built to help you with your workout the way you want it to.

    This personal fitness app is focused on the method High Intensity Training.

    Feel free to try out Joeri HIT.