Resistance Training App

for Trainees and Personal Trainers

Imagine that you are able to build your perfect program, based on all your results.

Pick from 500+ exercises

Save all relevant details in case you’re a data junkie

Analyze your training

Receive tips for progression

Our mission:

Create the GREATEST app for High Intensity Training

There are many fitness apps out there, most of which for regular weight training. If you have been looking for a resistance training app, or an app for High Intensity Training, you have been searching for a needle in a haystack. Until now.

What is resistance training and is it different from regular weight training? Yes, resistance training is different. The premise of resistance training – different than the one of weight training – is that you don’t need weights to stimulate your body to improve. You don’t even need movement. All you need is to efficiently/effectively load the targeted muscles. Resistance training includes weight training, but also isometric exercise and Timed Static Contraction (TSC).

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    If you want to use a resistance training app that doesn’t solely focus on tracking weight training results, but on results on all kinds of resistance training, you should try Joeri HIT.

    With this resistance training app, you can keep track of all results on numerous exercises, such as:

    • dumbbell exercises
    • barbell exercises
    • cable exercises
    • smith machine exercises
    • bodyweight exercises
    • fitness machines exercises

    You can also keep track of your results using different kinds of training techniques, such as:

    • static holds
    • timed static contractions (TSC)
    • max contractions
    • negative only repetitions
    • forced repetitions
    • rest-pause repetitions

    Besides this – knowing you’re searching for a resistance training app – you probably want to note down relevant details of your workout besides just the weight and the amount of repetitions. With Joeri HIT, an app for High Intensity Training, you can keep track of your time under load/time under tension, exercise settings, repetition cadance (at which pace you perform a repetition) and more.

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    Try our Joeri HIT if you train by yourself. If you’re a HIT-trainer, you should try Joeri Pro.